118 Studio



Barcelona, 2021

The G&P Tuset restaurant has landed in Barcelona to take us back to the atmosphere of the mythical Roman Dolce Vita. Dolce Vita means in Italian "the good life", a balanced way of life that provides pleasure, satisfaction and happiness. At the same time, we wanted to recreate an atmosphere that evokes the "Gauche Divine" of Barcelona in the 60's, a movement that brought about a new culture formed by writers, designers, singers, models and filmmakers, lovers of modernity and avant-garde art who frequented Tuset Street, which was not a street then but the "street".

Mixing the casual spirit of the "Dolce Vita" and the identity and modernity of what was "Tuset Street", we opted for an eclectic design, combining various styles (vintage, pop, contemporary), trying to break patterns and giving a final result striking, subtle, artistic and with very personal touches. The materials chosen stand out, such as brass, marble, the salmon-colored tiling that predominates in the space and the blue textiles to give a touch of elegance.

As areas to highlight were the long backlit bar of seven meters that is enhanced by the beautiful suspended cupboard made of iron and lacquered in gold color. Another area is the bathroom, which has a unique, different, fun and carefree design with a groundbreaking aesthetic, especially the presence of a large owl over two meters height with mirrored eyes.