118 Studio


         SANT AGUSTÍ

Barcelona, 2022

We converted the former Convent of St. Augustine, built between 1349 and 1506, into a youth-oriented center with a contemporary and attractive design, making this place a point of reference for entrepreneurs in the Barcelona City Council.

We have taken into account the current social environment and analyzed both new work schemes and pedagogical tools to design an unconventional space within a 16th century convent. The intervention took place in the more than 700 m2 of the rectangular-shaped second floor, accentuated by the arches of the roof and the characteristic windows of the building. The space houses the reception area, three training classrooms, a workspace for technicians, two meeting rooms and a video curriculum area with a chroma key. However, the main space of the project is the 122-square-meter multipurpose room where details have been given prevalence with the intention of promoting inclusion and interaction among users. Movable panels were implemented between columns that allow the space to be divided into three rooms or to be opened in its entirety, thus promoting flexibility in its use.

In addition to the contract furniture that enhances the space, the most worth mentioning elements are the two bars against the window made of wood that adapt to the shape of the arch, respecting and enriching the value of the building's architecture. Overall, the project achieves the perfect balance between user interaction and networking, with the generation of spaces with more privacy and concentration corners. It is a clear example of the response to the current need for versatile spaces.