118 Studio


          AND PEDRO

Vilassar de Mar, 2024

In an old building, we find this penthouse located in Vilassar de Mar, a privileged location near Barcelona where we will carry out a comprehensive reform. The apartment was divided with many rooms and created a dark appearance.

Analyzing the latest trends in living spaces, we propose a concept that frees up space through major structural changes, opening up the day area: kitchen, living room and inner courtyard. This creates more space, light and warmth, making the most of each room.
As for the interior design, we start with the entrance where we find a long hallway that connects us to the central living-kitchen space, passing through the guest room and bathroom.

From the central space, we connect with a door to the master bedroom, equipped with bathroom and dressing room. This features large oak cabinets alternating with white lacquer and functions as a divider from the entrance to the bed to make a more subtle transition into the bedroom.

A rich palette of harmonious materials creates a contemporary and warm atmosphere: wood and white lacquer combine perfectly, reflecting natural light and providing a warm cream tone.