118 Studio



Barcelona, 2021

The Hotel HC Mollet Barcelona is located in the industrial belt of Barcelona, in Mollet del Vallés. Its location close to the Montmeló Formula 1 Circuit, the La Roca Village shopping center and several business parks and leisure complexes, make it the perfect business hotel. The project consisted of the complete renovation and updating of the lobby and bar area, enhancing the business environment, while providing warmth and adapting to current design trends.

A new space distribution was designed with evident Mid-Century style touches, characterized by two shelves that function as space dividers, generating privacy between the lounge area and the bar and creating cozy corners with the use of props. Fine materials such as solid wood, leather, marble and biophilic elements are used. The color palette used is in medium and dark tones, with soft, silky and velvety textiles in navy blue, bottle green and gold.