118 Studio



Madrid, 2022

In the three floors plus parking of the Henneo Group's Corporate Headquarters in Madrid, located in the Atocha neighborhood, we decided to base the project on how different materials work following different applications, highlighting within the offices the spaces destined to the Presidency and the employees' office In the office area we reworked the meeting rooms integrating them into the new design and created the new multipurpose room.

For the presidential area on the second floor we opted for a more sober use of materials, while we gave the employee office a more casual character with the use of neon lights and micro-perforated sheet metal. In this way, we turned the entire office space into the nexus of cohesion between the two areas, so opposed at first, but with a great relationship between them.

Our main protagonists are metal profiles, micro-perforated sheets and varnished natural wood. We use the corporate colors to brand the work areas and to identify the two main spaces. In the presidency we worked exclusively with wood and the brand's dark blue and in the office with light blue metal profiles, white micro-perforated sheet metal and neons to achieve the rebellious air we were looking for.