118 Studio



Spain, 2021-2023

People, humor and inclusion are the backbone of the brand identity. This concept is materialized with timeless elements that communicate the spirit of a traditional social club, without remaining old-fashioned, as they are proposed with modern design and youthful accents that give energy.

We designed the new brand manual, based on this new concept and created a whole graphic style and interior space. The brand's vision is to expand inside and outside of Spain, so a well-founded design was our driving force. We designed a basic layout that will be adapted to all the franchises. In addition to introducing materials and identifying elements easy to reproduce, such as a phrase in red neon, a collage of framed images and light boxes where the menu is presented.

It is a project that began in 2021, however, it is still in constant development due to expansion plans, which is why we already have 15 openings to date and we intend to multiply them in the coming years.