118 Studio


              IT ACADEMY


Barcelona, 2021

Project to intervene the common areas of the two headquarters of Cibernarium, a technological training service of Barcelona Activa, which is part of the Barcelona City Council. One, located in the MediaTIC building (Poblenou) and the other in its original headquarters, Parc Tecnológic (Nou Barris), adding more than 1,000 m2 in total.
Creating a collaborative space that fosters creativity and curiosity was our main objective when landing the design that was made together for both buildings. The layout is open, promoting the inclusion and interaction of the users. This principle is established even between the user and the context of the buildings, thus designing one of the most iconic elements of the project; a work bar against a window that allows contact with the outside.

Another aspect that helped to achieve a comprehensive project was the graphic intervention, which respected the brand identity and moved it into a space that communicates Cibernarium's DNA in every corner. You can see vinyls that breathe technology, digital signs and light boxes with inspirational messages.