118 Studio


              PATIS 42


December, 2023

From March 2024 we will be able to see the Campus 42Barcelona Courtyard inside the Barcelona Activa Technology Park building.

We consider as the basis of the proposal the importance of networking, we believe in the philosophy that each person has something remarkable to contribute. With this principle, we focus on the common areas of the second floor to seek the exchange of ideas, the encouragement of creativity, as well as the triggering of projects.

It is a space for rest and contact with the outdoors with a look & feel inspired by campus recreational spaces, full of greenery, and lending spaces for entertainment among peers. We are aware of the social changes in terms of urban mobility, so it was important to provide the courtyard with plenty of parking space for bicycles and scooters. Several green areas vertebrate the courtyard up to a large plant wall. A large planter with the word Barcelona takes center stage with its variety of Mediterranean plants, while the rest of the furniture is mobile and light, allowing the students themselves to adapt the space to their needs.