118 Studio




Madrid, 2023

For the new offices in Madrid of Avisual, a company dedicated to the rental of studios and professional audiovisual equipment, we propose a space where design, decoration and interior design merge to stimulate creativity. It is a concept where the underground and industrial blend with the technical needs of the recording spaces.

The building has two floors and a garage and we have carefully designed each floor to house different areas and services that complement each other. These are common areas, recording rooms, production rooms, dressing rooms, Instagram points, etc ... We have projected iconic elements that refer to the world of film and television, among them we can highlight the illuminated sign with reels of film and old televisions painted blue with the text "On Air" on the street floor. We have also opted for a strong design of the bathrooms, spaces that are usually relegated to the background. One is converted into an Infinte WC that is characterized by the play of mirrors and lights on both ceiling and floor, while a second is the Neon WC, where black, blue light and a large neon reminiscent of the bathrooms of Berlin nightclubs.

The signage and graphic proposal are essential elements to guide customers and visitors through the different rooms and areas, while reinforcing the brand identity. The incorporation of PVC signs and vintage style light boxes with the word "engraving" are a sophisticated choice and a creative detail.